Deck support inappropriate

I don’t think that beam is properly supported, what do you say?

I would definitely agree! Are the neighbour’s the same?



Very weak connection

Yikes, I am not attending any parties on that deck!

Here is a pick from a neighbor from last year. A little better but it was a no go for me…

Luckily, you wouldn’t fall from too high. I’ve seen much worse, as you certainly did.

It was most likely Engineered like that, so we can blame the Engineer. Who do you call now?

Nobody, my job is done.


The same, NO!

That is one screwed up connection, and good thing that deck is small and not too heavy.
At least the weight of the roof above is on the pier.
How did next door look? Looks like the same set-up at the foundation beam support.

In picture #2 you can see the angel iron bolted to the foundation. The near end by the screw jack should have been the same way with the beam resting on top of the steel. At least the first joist is so that would be a safe place to stand for a while anyway. :laughing: Then again the nails holding the screw jack in place are so rusted that a swift smack would probably nock it right out.



Clearance issues as well

But it’s ADJUSTABLE for cryin-out-loud!
Beer keg? Adjust 1 full turn.
Hot Tub? Adjust 2 full turns.
Hot Tub with mother-in-law? Adjust 10 full turns.