Deck Questions

General questions on decks.

  1. What is the proper way of attaching the top of the stair stringers to the deck? Can joist hangers be used?

  2. What is the comparison between hot dip deck nails to deck screws on shear strengh? Use of these for joist hangers. which is better? Used for the deck top boards that gets walked on. which is better? Won’t the nails work out of the boards and get caught on bare feet? Won’t nails work out of the hangers causing a possible collapse. Another inspector likes the nails and I like the screws.

Thanks Rick

That’s the preferred method; joist hangers.

Screws would not be approved by the manufacturer of the hangers unless you use their screw. Galvanized nails recommended. If I see a screw, I call it out.

Screws are recommended for the decking, but I wouldn’t call it out if it was nailed. 1) They aren’t going to replace all the nails with screws. 2) There is no requirement for screws.

InterNachi just had a article on ANCHORS.
They explained clearly that only approved nails or fasteners can be used on hangers.:smiley:

Here it is. It is a must read: