Deck Rim Joist

Is notching the outer deck rim joist allowed? I don’t think it is, but can’t find any information to tell me yes or no. See attached picture.



If it was allowed, would you not report that the thing is sagging?

The joint at the rim joist needs support but I noticed the the length of the joists seem long for their size. How big was the deck? Did it feel solid wen you walked on it? You may want to recommend an addition beam and posts be added to the center.

Appears to be a very long span without proper support.

That’s NOT a rim joist, it’s a **BEAM!! **And a splice like that is not permitted in a beam, and the sag you see tells you why. That beam appears to be 2-2x10, but effectively it’s only a single 2x10, because the outer board has no structural value due to the splice.

I don’t see a notch in the picture.

Great answer.
Thought my eyes were bad as Rich must have meant splice.