Deck stairs railing

Does anyone know how the IRC code for railings is read? I have a house that has a 2x4 horizontal on top of a verical one in a T fashion. The code is I read it as acceptable since you have a 3/4 finger grip underneath. This is was an inspection for me for the owner and I approved it but the county inpsector red tagged it. Thoughts.


Page 17-18

He called it right, the configuration you describe exceeds graspable area

Barry’s right but try page 15. :wink:


You missed the method to my madness. I was trying to get him to read the whole darn thing.

On my 'puter I was refering to the 17-18 of 19
It’s my dsylexia thing I always do things a little different than others.

I have to remind my wife a left “will get us there”, just takes a whole lot longer and may waste some fuel.

Thanx for the redirect

I agree when you read the IRC on type 1 railing but what about a type two railing?