Deck: Thoughts on this build

Here are a few pics. Deck was sturdy except the footing and posts. However the attachment and lack of what i believe to be adequate notching, hardware etc. Above 6 foot grade.

It always amazes me how someone can use MORE lumber to build a less stafe deck.


Many structural deficiencies in the pics. I would call the deck out as structurally unsound and recommend it be evaluated by a structural engineer.

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I have never seen a corner like that in my life.


Considering the footings and post hold up the deck I’d say write hard, as for the other the other issues in your pictures, keep writing hard.


$20 says that was a contractors home!!


I agree, who would build like this for any other reason than to say that they can?


Moisture has most likely entered behind the corner board and siding, and rot has most likely set in.


GENTLEMEN THANK YOU! Confirmation on the above pics is right in line with my thinking.

to the Inspector who said he would bet 20 that the seller is a contractor…well if ya wanna meet up in southern va. Ill buy you a 12 pack!!! spot on.

Much Love and Many blessings


right on that LOL!

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Hope you are ready for this boys and gals
Im going structural and soils engineer…I did use various opinions on this decision. I decided to back off of the big guns. Deck is 20 years old. Ill let a deck pro push for an engineer if needed. However i did state that the deck may be structurally unsound. “Pictures sell the narrative”



For some reason, I was not surprised! :wink:


It’s an older deck that has had some hardware added and some of the connections are unusual. I think that if someone is going to say a deck is wrong, they should say specifically what is wrong.

The only thing I have a problem with is:

  1. the post bases missing- and not being substantially connected to- the foundation piers. Joists that have at least 1.5 inches of bearing are OK. and

At the corner Brian mentions that looks kinda scary:. it looks like the diagonal doubler has a double cheek cut, meaning it’s almost certainly just nailed to the post. I don’t think that’s the case.

I don’t know how to zoom in without losing clarity, but it kinda looks like the post is notched. If the doubler has single cheek cuts only, and the post is notched, then the doubler as a single framing member would have 1.5" of bearing, but each side of the doubler (each individual joist) would only have half of that.

If nails only, those old nails are loosening and that doubler needs substantially improved support, and soon!

Where the blue arrow points to the corner, doublers are bearing on bolted ledgers, with bolts installed directly below the doublers. Not great, but it’s not just the corner trim supporting framing at that corner.

My rough try at an illustration:


I concur, Kenton.
Pick out your concerns.

Bearing is 1.5".

The biggest liability for the deck columns, retaining wall failure. Soil and footings shifting away from the foundation. Over saturated soil and movement will cause the deck to collapse.

Thanks for the reply Kenton. I did adjust the recommendation.