Poor Deck Construction

Photos are from u see the deck of a recent inspection. I noted this as Substandard Construction, and Likely Not Constructed Under Permit. Recommend Evaluation and Repair by Qualified Contractor.The owner was rather shocked, and stated they had it rebuilt not long ago. Then told me the contractor who had performed work. I looked this contractor up. He has 25+ years of home building and remodeling experience, no claims, no fines. Am I wrong here? I’m used to seeing this kind of thing from DIY homeowners, but not established contractors.

Do you have more photos?

Yes, we need better pics, but what is shown looks nonprofessional.

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A few more. The support posts did not appear to be on footings, cross blocking was loose, stair stringers in contact with soil, and the support post was leaning

RMV Coastal Services LLC
Robert Vevers
InterNACHI CPI#21101536


I’ve looked at decks from all angles… on my back, on my side, damned near upside down, and my only thoughts are… what exactly the hell are we looking at in your first pics?

If this is what your reports look like, you-in-trouble!

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Damn Mr Jonas😂 ! A bit harsh. That said, I respect your experience and will endeavor to improve. I’ll send you some in the future and see what you think.

First two show a beam , and a support post. Both have been shimmed, to fill the gap. Post and shims are barely providing any support. Looked questionable to me. Your thoughts?

Just wait until you get a client that actually knows a thing or two…!!

Now that we’ve hopefully identified things… it’s pretty obvious what is what, don’t ya think??


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Understood, and appreciated . Definitely see the room for improvement.

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Good, because the bottom line here is, you gotta understand what you are looking at before you can determine if there is a concern or not. Every inspector must do this in their process. It becomes instinctual, and after a while you don’t even realize you are doing it, until one day you have to stop and think… “WTF is that I’m looking at”?? Take it a step at a time, break it down to simplify the situation.
Just keep asking questions, and the more precise information you can put out there, the easier and faster you will realize the answers for yourself.


JJ is and can be harsh, but some of the best “tough love” advice given here. Took me a minute to “get it”… :wink:


I learned a long time ago to glean as much knowledge as possible from more experienced individuals. I truly appreciate the input. Years down the road, I’ll gladly be passing on the tough love


He’s not afraid to tell it as he sees it. But he is truly a very generous and helpful man. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in person and I can assure you he means well in everything he does.