Dedicated Bathroom receptacles

So the way I understand it is that bathroom receptacles must be on a dedicated circuit, or the bathroom receptacles can include the other outlets in that bathroom if the bathroom is on a dedicated circuit.

Why do they not want bathroom receptacles for example, on the same circuit as the receptacles of an adjacent bedroom? Where is the hazard?

No different than Kitchens, but I am sure Nathan explained that to you already. :roll:

So what is the hazard. I don’t know.


They allow (but do not require) different bathrooms to have a single circuit for the receptacles. I believe they allow it so that only one GFCI receptacle can cover both bathrooms. I think it may be more of an economic solution.

Receptacles from one bathroom may be on the same circuit as ones from another bathroom. As long as nothing else from the bathrooms are on it (lights, heater, fan, etc.).


Each bathroom can have a dedicated circuit which may include lights and fan or whatever else that’s not recommended to have its own circuit.


Thanks. That’s what I said. What is the intent of this.

I believe that all that has been stated depends on the year of construction.

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Of course that’s true. So when and why did they implement these rules?

My guess would be because a bathroom uses a lot of power.
Unlike the bedroom.

So to avoid overloading the circuit?

Most likely.
Just think about all the things that gets plugged in.
Hair dryers, curling irons, ect…ect…

Hair dryer alone can use 1950 watts. Throw on something else and it will eventually trip.


Juan, up here it is because bathrooms require GFCI protection and bed rooms require AFCI protected circuits.

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Bathrooms, kitchens and other specific areas require branch circuits that “have no other outlets” simply due to their estimated load. Most household circuits will be used for lighting and other low-load components, where these specified areas will generally have higher amperage equipment plugged in at any given time.

It’s not necessarily a “safety” thing.

More of a nuisance trip thing eh ?

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Thanks Jeff. That makes sense.

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