Bathroom plugs & lights sharing circuit with BR and hallway

A house today had the master bath receptacles and lights on same circuit as adjoining bedroom and hallway. All outlets in these three rooms same circuit.

I know this has not been allowed for a long time. By chance was it permitted in 1976?

I found this out when bedroom receptacle tripped the GFCI in the bathroom. All outlets were downstream of the GFCI.

The 1975 NEC had this requirement:

Later code editions and the current 2014 NEC have a requirement for a 20 amp circuit for the bathroom in 210.11©(3). As far as I can tell this does not exist under the 1975 NEC.

Thanks Robert. I haven’t ran into this wiring setup in a long time, even at really old homes.

I’m aware that the requirement that different bathrooms can have receptacles on same circuit as long as lights are separate, has been around for a long time. Or when plugs and lights are on same circuit it must be dedicated to that bathroom. I just didn’t know exactly how long that has been required, or when code first came around that prohibited bath circuits from having other outlets.

If you have a smart phone download “code history master” super cool

Christopher, Back then you could put them on the same circuit. It was done most of the time.