Dehumidifiers: pros and cons

I have a small dehumidifier in my basement it has a setting for percentage and for time. Does anyone know what setting I should have this set at and what are the pros and cons of using this appliance. I have never used one before.

Read the instruction manual?

I would set it on 50% to keep the humidity below the threshold for mold growth. Too low may make breathing difficult and could cause wood floors to separate or buckle.

I’m with Randy on this. Mine has been set this way over 25 years and no issues.

It is a small portable unit about two foot high by 18 wide I have it set for 35% to come off and on every 2 hours do you guys think that that is a big waste of energy or what. I just bought this home and it had water issues but I put eave troughs on because they were broken up and the water is since stopped

Humidistat will control on and off function- just set it up to your comfort level.
Small units usually don’t have direct water discharge and the will stop after container is full of water.
I would recommend to place the unit higher and drain directly out or to little pump.

Just set it, and forget it.
It will do it’s job whenever the humidity gets too high.