A few spots - some worse than others looked like this. It did not rub off and was slippery to touch.

Two questions -

Why in only some spots?
Better ventilayion in oder?

Soffit vents had rectangular cardboard “tubes” as baffles - I’m guessing these are not very effective.

What did the roof look like Rick?

From what I’m looking at, these insulation blankets need to be pulled away from the roof sheathing with better baffles in order to allow for adequate air flow.

Were there ridge vents installed?

Roof looked fine - no ridge vent pod vents were in place

I don’t see baffles?? If they are there they should extend up the sheathing otherwise their diameter will be restricted. Looks like the OSB is retaining moisture and collecting dirt/debris being pulled in from vents.

Or this might be…READY FOR IT??? …MOLD!!!:shock::shock:

Pictures all the HI’s running away scared…

The baffles were certainly “old school” - basically a 3X5 cardboard tube.

As for the “M” word - not, it wasn’t. :mrgreen: Shiny, smooth (slick even) and did not come off at all.

As with any component of a home that is having issues, more often than not there are other components that you may not see or are not considering that are related or responsible.

When I pull up to a home one of the first things I look at is the roof… in particular the configuration, any exterior venting issues as well as the which slopes getting more sunlight… I then ask myself how is there anyway the current setup can adversely affect the home. By going into it with that mindset its often easy to figure out what is going on with other parts of the home.

Lately I have seen quite a few pictures from inspectors asking about a certain component yet no pictures of other components that could be related.
Do you have any exterior pictures of general area from different angles as well as
a wide angle shot of the home from different perspectives?


It looks to me like it is “wicking” its way through the OSB. Ill agree with the ventilation theory. Perhaps this is some serious condensation.

Holy peeling apart Batman. Was that roof soft anywhere?

Looks like some rot and very soft.