Now I have seen everything!

Did a builder’s warranty inspection in a ritzy area. 8,200 SF home built bt a Realtor acting as a GC (Through her son).

The roof had a power vent fan, a short (about 10’) ridge vent (very complex roof) and, on the outside, 6 static roof vents. It turns out (after examination by a real good roofer friend of mine) that only one of the six roof vents had openings to the attic. Some guy just installed the roof vents but never bothered to actually cut through the roof deck to allow them to, like, actually vent!

About half of the soffit vents had baffles, but the blown in (fiberglass) insulation was actually blown into the baffles.

WHAT were they thinking?

Pretty crazy Will.

I also run into vents (stationary) with the sheathing there.

Sometimes when your in the attic after being on the roof you wonder if the mind could be slipping a little…!..hmmmm…wasn’t there stationary vents here?

Makes you wonder how so many folks overlooked it before the final…unreal.

Wil, they weren’t :wink:



I found the same thing last week, the sheathing was not cut for the vents, here are the results. Most soffit baffles were also smashed against the roof sheathing. The insulation had rust dots on it from the nail heads dripping with condensation.




Will, they just forgot that beat the crap out of the OSB with a hammer below the vents before they were done!
Does anyone know what is saw is any more?

The buyer should think himself lucky at least the builder used a roof deck


{Now I have seen everything}

I have learned not to say that anymore.I’m sure something else will come along that will blow you away!!!

I am sure that you are right.

That is part of what makes this job so interesting. :mrgreen: