Delaware adopts licensing and approves InterNACHI's online courses for pre-licensing.

InterNACHI’s free, online 149-hour course curriculum has been approved for pre-licensing by the Board of Home Inspectors in Delaware.

Become a home inspector in Delaware.

Reminder: The State of Delaware is not giving home inspectors much time to get this done.

Here is the list of courses you have to take to get your Delaware home inspectors license:


I have submitted my application under the Grandfathering Clause since I have been in business since 2000… (and over 6000 inspections)
They have acknowledged receipt…
I will let you know the result…

Thanks Joe.

Received notification today that my License was approved by the Board.

Excellent Joe.

Man, I really, well, I am trying to think of a word about how I feel about home inspection licensing.

Sorry for you guys. Now you can get inspections in your state for $149 or less, three pages in length, and the consumers will suffer by not getting a full home inspection. State licensing laws only set bare minimum standards. Now thanks to your lawmakers, consumers will be shafted.

At least here in Kansas, laws here were thrown out because of this.

Do you have statewide licensing of tradesmen, home builders, and anyone who does home repairs? Do you have statewide building codes, so you can state what is and is not, a defect?

This is like what is going on in health care. Sad that all of our freedoms are gone.

All Building trades are required to be Licensed and test qualified for Licensure.

Moving Forward under Home Inspection, Trainees must be directly supervised under a Licensed Delaware Home Inspector in order to become Licensed.

Hooray for my neighboring State of Delaware!
Licensing here in Maryland has been great imho.
My fees are never questioned ( time to raise prices I guess ) and licensing keeps out SOME of the riffraff and oversight weeds out the real slackers who shouldn’t have gotten in.

Tea Partiers may disagree…:twisted:

InterNACHI testing and membership should be enough for any state licensing requirement. Sad that most all state licensing is different, and, IMO, worthless. All you have to do is take a few classes, pay some fees, pay for some insurance, and you are a home inspector. REA’s love the licensing, new inspectors, and the basic requirements. After all, anyone who has a driver’s license is a great driver, right?

Same song same verse and it really makes no sense as all one had to do in a non licensed state was to print some business cards and declare to the world I is a home inspector:wink: I think the only problem you have with licensing is the word PAY

If your technical skills and marketing programs are both so weak that you have to rely on the government creating licensing requirements that keep new competitors from entering your market, you really never deserved to have your market share.

Some pizza shops fail, some pizza shops are wildly successful. It has nothing to do with the licensing process to open one.

I have been licensed in something or other most of my adult life and it does not make any difference to me one way other other I could care less, what bothers me most are the dudes that whine non stop and blame all their misfortune on licensing. We had a past inspector well I guess he was a inspector he claimed to be, that tried to brain wash the org that Licensing solves nothing. I personally have not observed any problems that licensing solved in my business but on the other hand I have observed no problems that licensing created other than the money I have to pay the State.

All the Trades in Okla are licensed except roofers and they have to register with the state. My license is nothing more than a hunting license for bad contractors it puts me on the same playing field as a contractor and I have slammed a few just like they always try to throw a HI under a bus;-)

Charley …

Thats cool for you, HOWEVER as you know in Kansas and Missouri trades, home builders, etc have no state wide licensing laws. We have no mandatory state wide codes or code inspections in 75% of either state. So as Mr Farnsworth alluded to … WHY the crap would we wish it on ourselves?

Life is not fair by any means of the draw but to blame licensing for the low ball competitors and check mark soft reports makes no sense to me either.

I agree with you HI’s should not be singled out for licensing when the trades are not licensed. What is good for the goose is good for the gander;-):smiley:

Any state home inspection licensing law only levels the playing field, allows for bare minimum standards, and creates bare minimum licensed inspectors. This results in bare minimum reports only paragraphs in length. I have seen them.

“Oh, I have an inspector who is state licensed and charges only $149. Why would you want to hire a CMI inspector that charges $400 for the same home and report results? Mr./Mrs. Home Buyer, save that money and hire the inspector on my list.”

Now, do you and lawmakers nationwide understand?

I have seen nationwide home inspection franchise companies hire inspectors for $10 per hour to do the inspections. These inspectors collect the check, send it to their home offices, and the money gets paid back to the inspector, and to who knows else gets some of this money… And the REA’s love them, because money gets moved around and pleases their office brokers. Sad that this happens, not only in our industry, but health care, oil, utilities, and countless other industries.

Until home inspectors, associations, and franchise companies decide to raise the bar up to the levels of engineering and doctors, HI laws are a joke.

Gary stop whinning your gona make your self sick, before licensing in Okla you could write a report on a table napkin. I would say minimum standards are much better than no standards. I simply out do my competitors by exceeding the minimum standards what about you.

Are you telling me there is no one in Kansas or MIssouri performing $150.00 inspections and you have no license what is the deal I thought licensing created low prices and short reports why are the low ballers still operating with no licensing

Gary your fiddle is broken and you need to find a different song;-):stuck_out_tongue:

REA’s should be the ones policing home inspectors. They are not. They continue, and love, to use the cheap, non-alarmists. Laws allow them legally. Last time I looked, which was about 10 years ago, free enterprise works. REA’s will tell you they want licensing, to weed-out inexperienced inspectors. Why they keep using them, well, there are many reasons. If REA’s do not like their home inspector, use another one; just like any other industry.

Home inspectors brag, and love to tell that they are doing 10 inspections a day, and have a dozen employees. They only do that amount of business because they appease the REA’s, and create non-alarmist reports, and at a low price. Why REA’s hire HI’s that do reports on napkins is sad, and is their own fault. They complain to the lawmakers and their associations, but keep using these inexperienced, say-nothing inspectors.