Delta Surge Protection HELP!

I just ran across a very unusual situation. I was inspecting a 200 amp C-H main service panel and there were two unusual items mounted to the side. They were Delta surge capacitor M/N CA302-R and a Delta lightning arrestor M/N LA302-R.

Now the fun part. They were triple tapped to a 30 amp 220 VAC breaker (One on each leg). The feeders to these products are about AWG-12.


I went to and the manufacturer’s instructions show to do this. The reason for the tripple tapping is each unit has two “hot” leads (one per leg) and there were two separate units.


  1. Shouldn’t they be pigtailed since the last I knew C-H breakers are not rated for double taps besides the fact the wire gauges are different (A big No-No)?
  2. Does this product even work?


They work all right.

This is a contradiction between TVSS manufacturer’s instructions and breaker instructions, so it would seem. I seriously doubt the place is going to burn down today or tomorrow because of it, but it’s an interesting puzzle in the mean time.

You’re in a lucky position, in that you have the ability to note what you observed, and let other people sort out the solution. Honestly, if I was called out on that to correct it, as an electrician, I really don’t know what I’d do. Probably tear it out and sell them another brand of TVSS. The drawings on Delta’s website look like a kindergartner drew them, so it makes me suspicious of their product in general.

Here are some pictures to share. The first is the opened panel. The 2nd shows the Surge Protector and the Lightning Arrestor. The 3rd shows the Tripple Taps.



I believe the issue is they simply did not have the space to install them properly. As to if they work…in theory they should but it would depend also on the age of these units and IF they are still providing the protection they were orginally installed for.

I agree with Marc ( ironically ) in that chances are they are fine but the method of which they are installed are improper and should be called out. I would venture to say the maximum circuit breaker they would be protected from should be no more than a 15A OCPD…this is how the new versions of TVSS ( SPD’s now ) from Eaton are required to be done.

Now in regards to the Double taps ( I did not look at that picture )…eaton does make the CH version for 15A and 20A breakers which does allow multiple taps (2 actually ) and only done if the conductors are of the same size as doing otherwise would be a problem as well.

Hope this helps.

BTW…I should add that the 30A showing would not be allowed for a double tap…only the 15A and 20A versions as the lug on a 30A is for a single conductor only.

A couple of things with this product.

  1. I do not see a listing, either from UL or any other NRTL.

  2. When installing conductor for arrestors or TVSS, it is a known that the conductors should be as short and as straight as is possible. The installation pages show too much length and way too sharp an angle for bends.

I as an inspector would have issues with this installation.