Double tap for surge/lightning protection

These things are always double tapped to some existing circuit. The manufacturer’s instructions indicate this to be O.K., but is it ? I especially don’t like seeing it double tapped at the main where the light guage wire is in contact with a circuit unshieded by a breaker. But since double tapping can result in uneven pressure on the wiring resulting in incomplete circuit pathway is this really all O.K. ?

Please provide me with where the “Manufacturer” allows this application. The manufacturer usually says in compliance with the National Electrical Code in most all that I am aware of. With this being the case the rating of the termination point is what comes into question. It is not ok for a lug designed for (1) conductor to contain (2) conductors…even if they are the same size.

So with that said I have to make my judgements on what I know is correct versus anything else.

I am in complete agreement with you on this, the question arose from a post on the members only site regarding such an installation. I then looked up on line a schematic for a whole house surge protector and the manufacturer’s install instructions have it double tapped to an existing breaker. The problem for us out there calling this as defective is that if it conforms to the manufacturers installation reccomendations we then have to fall back to the NEC and most of us loathe quoting code references.

How about just telling them the lug is designed for a single conductor and leave it up to them what they choose to do ( which will be nothing I promise you ). Atleast you mention it and move on.

I’m good with that reccommendation. I really posted this for others as I said before.

Its all good fella…I’m an “Other” and appreciate it as well.

Thought I would bump this thread up a bit for those who struggle with the “is this a hazard question” on the citizens 4pt form.

I like that bill you posted guess this person didn’t know much about 110.14(A) in the NEC.

Also the info you provided says:

Fasten the arrestor to the service entrance equipment.
Connect the black wires to the lines. Connect the white
wire to the neutral and/or ground.”

It doesn’t say to create an NEC violation by double tapping.

My question is why I can’t download a PDF or DOC when attached. I always get a Failed Network Error. Is this a NACHI thing or is something wrong with my setting…using Chrome browser.

Same here.

I was able to download both attachments without a problem in Firefox.

Me too