Anyone familiar with the proper installation of a Delta Lightning Arrestor

This is my first time coming across a Delta lightning Arrestor this particular one does not appear to be professionally installed given the poor workmanship that is apparent. It also has two 12 gauge AWG wires double tapping on the main lugs!?!? Thought I would reach out to you guys to see if anyone is familiar with this.

PS: I’m aware of the various other defects with this panel double-tapped breakers, loose wires, Federal Pacific, etc…

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Here ya go, Arthur:

From link: “Connect the black wires to a double breaker. Connect the white wire to the neutral-ground bus.”

So, terminating the black conductors into the SEC lugs is incorrect. :smile:


Thank you Larry!!
Did you see this part. ”When sufficient heat and stress causes failure, a one inch hole will open at the bottom of the enclosure. Hot silica and plastic bits will be expelled"
Currently the canister is not installed inside the box as described but it is on the outside and the bottom of the canister is right at face level!! During a big storm where do you go for safety? right into the basement adding to the chance of someone getting hot silica and plastic sprayed in their face. :grimacing:

Yes, and I also saw this, which may be a nice recommendation upgrade: " Installing the arrestor in any approved electrical box will prevent accidental contact with a damaged unit."

The bolded above does not mean the panel board. :smile:

Actually saw one of these today as well for the first time. They are designed to be installed to double pole breakers not SEC. However, they’re not a UL listed device, and will create a double tap at the breaker. Pretty stupid device.

Thank you so much Larry. I will definitely include this link in my inspection report. I’m going to make it abundantly clear that this whole panel has got to go.

Arthur, a recommendation may be a better way of reporting it while listing some of the defects and having a qualified electrician assess the panel board while making those corrections along with any others he may find. JMHO

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Thanks Larry! Your wise advice is always appreciated. :facepunch:

Here is a narrative i posted the other day. Feel free to nodify and use as you see fit.

“The homes electrical system was older and had numerous deficiencies and safety concerns. The inspector recommends that the entire system is evaluated by a licensed electrical contractor as to the extent and cost of necessary repairs to make the system safe. The following section lists readily apparent defects in the various electrical components but should not be construed as a comprehensive list of all items that may be defective or need repair to make the entire system proper.”

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Thanks for the narrative Michael!