Demand for 4-point and Wind Mitigation inspections up



It’s true. The carriers have never been more predatory than they are now, and FL homeowners are left with the tab. This is compounded by a vague Inspection form that leaves the Inspector to interpret it. There is a huge disparity in how FL Home Inspectors perform the task, ranging from “nothing to see here” all the way to “full home inspection.”

We finally have a FLDBPR-approved set of standards though, and an upcoming course at InterNACHIs House of Horrors in Weston, FL. The course is titled, “Making 4-Points Work for You”, counts for 8 CEs, includes guidance on deficiencies, and will completely standardize 4-Points in FL. Friday, 7/26/24, 8:30-- 5:30. The class should be up on the events page and in the newsletter soon. Don’t settle when we finally have solutions.

Will we also have a FLDBPR-approved online course coming as well?

That would be extremely useful :+1: