need info on reports

Hi all
I am a new inspector in florida.I have completed the four points and wind and I am having trouble finding out what info or type of forms that I need to do these inspections.Is there a checklist or a helpful plan of attack that someone could help me with.
thanks Randy

Post in the Florida thread, you probably get a better response.

David what is your experience in the industry?
What area do you cover?
How long have you been inspecting homes.
What is your current method of delivering a report?
Are you a licensed home inspector?
If so where?
Maybe that will help others tailor their answers to figure out what you need better.

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I moved the thread for him.

Randy, the form for the wind mit is universal and can be downloaded online. The four point is not standardized and there are many different versions of the form. The most used version is probably the Citizens four point. Both forms need to be made into fillable pdf"s to make your life easier. If you check through threads on the Florida forum you can find both, or send me an email and I will give you both forms, and a template for pictures (as long as you have Word). You can also buy easily filled versions of both forms. My email is: