Demo Flir T440 and Fluke TiR

I have a demo FLIR T440. I used it for 2 years at trade shows primarily. It went in for service and calibration 6 months ago, so very fresh calibration. You won’t find a “newer” used unit.

Asking $7,500. Financing available.

I also have a Fluke TiR that was used as a loaner camera for 5 years. The only time the camera was used is when there was a lead time on a customer’s camera order. It spent at least 90% of its life on the shelf.

Asking $1,250. Too cheap to finance.

sent you a pm

TiR sold. Still have T440. Lowering T440 price to $6900.

Is this the complete kit, case, etc.? 1200C? How many batteries? Standard FOV? any extras? Warranty status?

Yep complete, 1200c, 2 batteries. Standard lens. No extras. Warranty gone. Camera was serviced 6 months ago and also received its calibration at the same time. It has sat on the shelf since. Maybe 30 hours total use on it all together.

Looks brand new.

I can get it financed as well. I am a leasing agent now a days and still doing some IR jobs.

Sorry for the edit.

That T440 was $14,000 with tax in Canada.
Great camera.

That TIR is a great entry level for some astute homie. (90 mK) Not bad.
I still use my Ti100 as a backup.

You leasing IR cameras?

a. Extra lens?
b. Will you ship it to Canada Jason.
c. Will you ad a personal warranty?

I might be interested.
I’m trying to grow my business.

isn’t this the same deal for $6,250

OMG thank you. Meant $7250 on Ebay. Higher price to help absorb some of the crazy fee they charge.

nice recovery
i’ll accept xmas anytime
pm or email my cost of t440 wide angle lens

Good catch.