Flir T400 For sale

For Sale 1 Year old Filr T400
Complete, case, camara fish eye lense 10mm p/n 1 196 725
2 batteries
ThermoCAM Reportes software 8.3
used 2 time
(Family Losses & Ecomony forces Sale)

Pete Veteto

Asking 9,000

What country are you from?

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Damn…one of his friends looks like Vin Deisel.
Listed as Brad Metcalf.

Hope you’re well, David.

I guess Pete never replied to say he was real or not

FLIR camera I found


The FLIR T420 and the FLIR T440 are your better bang for the buck vs a used T400 at $9k. The T420 is essentially the same camera, except newer technology in the detector and is $7950.00 list. The T440 adds on MSX and is $10950.00 list.

The lens offered with the camera is worth approx $1350. So the T420 new with the lens would be just over $9k new (list).

In addition, all T series cameras have the option of ThermaTrac, which is FLIR’s version of LowJack.

Jason Kaylor
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply
Net Zero Tools

Be aware that ThermaTrac is through a third party and it is non-transferable. If you buy a second hand imager with ThermaTrac, you cannot simply re-register it in your name. You have to pay the fee again. The feature adds nothing in terms a resale value.

Wow I did not know that. I thought it was a FLIR thing.

Thanks Chuck.

For anyone interested…

I have a Flir T400 for sale. It was purchased brand new over a year ago from Travis Curtis @ Flir (He’ll verify I am real!). It was never used except for a handful of times around my own home while testing it out. Retail was about $14,000, Will consider all reasonable offers. Email for more information and any reasonable offer. For sale in US only. 423-381-0963