Democratic Leaders Are Coming To McCain


Republicans defend working moms when they are attacked by those who
accuse them of some of the same issues that plague almost all families. Thanks
go to Democrates for slinging all the mud at mom and her family…:slight_smile:

Keep up the good work. McCain is playing you like a fiddle.:mrgreen:

Indeed he is a big Hillary supporter! I think you will get your hard line liberal women (M. Dowd, A. Mitchell) types, and they will vote socialist party line. I think its the other ones that are offended by the continuing blasts from the media and the OB camp that should make the Dem’s nervous. Every single day I hear something that would make any womans head pop up and say “What was that I just heard”? It is quickly catching up with them!

I love it, they are offending old people, housewives, sportsmen, Alaskans, career women, gun owners, Christians, Mayors, Military. When they lose, they will cry vote rigging again, instead of accepting that they blew it.