Denver,CO- Thank You !

Hey Guys,

I was not sure where to post this…so here it goes.

Thank you to all the guys that came out to the Denver Seminar and a special thank you to Tom and his wonderful wife( Our Most Awesome Hosts ), Jay ( my driver and tour guide…you are awesome brother ) our own Deanna…she is a sweet heart if you have not met her yet…and a thank you to the GALS of NACHI…they do such a wonderful job at the office…and NICK for making it possible.

Anyway…thanks to anyone I missed and to the guys who attended as I had a great time, glad I made you laugh ( with me…) and you all have my number…CALL me anytime you need questions answered…it was ALOT we covered in 7 hours…

My electrical presentation is always changing and being tweeked so I am sure I will see you all again sometime.

Thanks again for a WONDERFUL seminar…