Determining Service Size

Good Morning, I understand the SOP says to describe the main disconnect amperage rating and wire type. If the SEC, main disconnect and panel are sized for 100 amps and the meter is rated for 60amps.

What affect does the meter have on the service size?

Is the service size the smallest rated amperage of the below?

  1. The size/rating of the service entrance conductors.
  2. The rating of the panel.
  3. The rating of the main breaker, if any.
  4. The rating of the meter.

If the power company okays 100amp on 60amp meter, then it’s fine. You do not include the meter rating to determine the service size. It is common to find a higher rated service on a lesser rated meter. However, if you see the SEC on the line side of the meter not matching the SEC on the load side and or a missing meter lock/tag, then you may indeed have a problem.

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IMO the size rating if the meter is always irrelevant in determining service ampacity.

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I agree…

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Thank you for the replies, I appreciate it!