Quick question on Service size

FPE panel at todays inspection. Panel was rated for 200 amp max. (according to sticker on inside) Service was 3/0 awg Aluminum. My sheet tells me this is 175 amp rated service entrance conductor. Now, FPE panel typically don’t have a main service disconnect, so am I too assume that this is 175 amp service? :-k Thanks ahead of time…

The service capacity (important inclusion) would be the lesser of the rated components, in this case, 175 amps.

That’s not actually true. I think you’ll find a pretty equal portion of FPE’s with and without a single (main) disconnect. I generally find 60 to 100 amp services with a single disconnect. The larger services tend to be these split-bus type (with no disconnect) and the smaller services will generally be 6 or less circuits.

Thank you Jeff , I appreciate the info. I haven’t run into anything but the split buss type. Your always a great source of info !