Device indentifiaction needed

Above water heater and main water lines.

See pics.

My guess has something to do with water heater efficiency but guessing & why I posted.

229212 048 (Small).JPG

229212 047 (Small).JPG

What is the wire connected to?

Looks like above the water meter, see pic.

229212 045 (Small).JPG

I know what it is but am withholding my knowledge in protest.

PM me if you want to know. :wink:

Oh Cmon!! You are the best at knowing what these are.

Tis the season to forgive and forget. (I need to work on this myself)

Ask the IR elite or PM me. :wink:

OK sir I understand your response.

Anyone who answers should be made fun of and told they are not trained for identification though I shall not say what the correct answer is and not prove specific training is required by law other than that you need $20,000 to be allowed a guess. :slight_smile:

We got our reasons…do not ask to many questions or else.

I think we have started something Bob. :wink:

We may have to expand. :slight_smile:

Indoor sensor for the water company to read the meter.

Now that makes no sense and I wonder how you could spread this kind of stuff ?..:slight_smile:

Protest! Protest!

What do you do to piss off Mikey?

IR Therm 11 and 111 guys got him upset with there know it all attitudes!

Tell him he is wrong and he’ll come back on all fours. :mrgreen::twisted:

Nothing that I know of but coming to the board and asking a simple question is not what it used to be.

You should get Unionized. :twisted: