did not inspect attic

My home inspector did not inspect my attic. Upon my own inspection, I found that the attic had the wrong insulation and thus was causing ventilation problems. I have a horrible condensation issue on all of my windows. Is my home inspector liable for anything?

Where do you live? And, how much moisture do you introduce into your living space and how do you get it out?

What is Wrong insulation?

What reason did your inspector give for not looking in the attic?

How do you know the attic was not inspected, was it accessible, was it disclaimed in the report, what did the report say?

More details are needed before anyone answers

Yes I agree you need to give us much MUCH more before we can get an idea why you have moisture concerns .

If he said he didn’t inspect the attic in the report (a good reason would be nice, but possible not required), then you knew it wasn’t inspected, not sure he’s liable for anything. If he said he inspected it and did not, another story all together…

“I have a horrible condensation issue on all of my windows.”

#1 an inspector is not responsible for what he cannot inspect. Inadequate access, safety, personal property blocking entry etc.

#2 an inspector does perform analytical services such as psychometrics (which is required in this case) in the course of a home inspection.

#3 excessive moisture in your building may occur from numerous sources from numerous components not just insulation in the attic. Improper vapor barrier/insulation in the attic affects the attic more than it will living space below. It is not the job of the attic to ventilate moisture from within the space to the exterior. Ventilators in the attic are for the attic.