Different spa GFCI/Disconnect

Here is a spa disconnect like I have not yet seen.

There was a 20-amp GFCI breaker with a 30-amp GFCI breaker next to it. The 30 had a sticker over the test button stating that the spa’s neutral wire was connected to that breaker. However upon examination the spa neutral appeared to be connected to the 20-amp GFCI.

What am I seeing here? Why two GFCI’s in one disconnect box? Is there something special about the spa?

Possibly one breaker for the blower and another for the hest.

So what functionality of the spa changed when the “test” buttons were depressed?

How is it connected on the other end? It appears that the 30 amp circuit has no neutral conductor.

Would be my guess as well.

(the open knockout is a problem)