Digital Camera Preferences

I have been using my Iphone 13pro, great pictures. However, Its a bit large while trying to take pictures holding a flashlight. Anyone have an update on a good small digital camera, I know replies will be all over the place and that is fine. I just need a good digital camera that is comparable to my IP and hope will not break the bank.

Nikon Coolpix S-4. 6mp. Backup is a Coolpix P100. 10mp


I use a Sony digital camera, increasing hard to find compact or smaller digital cams nowadays. Used to be more choices. I prefer a good optical zoom anyway.

I buy mine off Ebay as we’re in a hostile environment, and they take quite a beating.


I’m using a Canon SX620HS. I can easily adjust the photo dimensions and pixels and the 25X zoom is excellent. That’s the good…
The bad…this is my 3rd SX620HS of the four I own. They were not made for turning on/off over a hundred times a day. My first two cameras are dead. My third has finally reached the end of its 3-year warranty that I purchased. They have repaired it four times. I have a fourth one to use when the third is in the shop and when it dies out of warranty. I don’t think Canon makes these any more. I bought my first one for about $200 many years ago and the last one was over $600. I had a Coolpix for some years and may go back to it when my fourth quits, if no one comes out with a better one.

The problem for us, is that none of these compact cameras are made for the usage that we put them through. I’ve stuck with the SX620 because I like its features, I understand it, and I don’t have to learn another camera. But at $700 for one today, I’ll move on to another camera next time.


For years I used Olympus tough cameras, then I switched to Nikon Coolpix for a few years, now I use my S-21 Ultra, it’s easy to hold it in one hand and a flashlight in the others in dark areas such as attics to get quality pictures.

On occasion I also use a Panasonic DC-ZS70 which has a 30X Zoom lens for those outdoor long distance shots, yet the camera is still compact enough to keep in my cargo pants pocket.


Same camera I have for backup. Great cameras. :+1:


I have 2 Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 IS cameras. One is for back up and hardly ever gets used. For what I have put the main one through, it has help up really well and works great. I even dropped it off a roof once and it still worked after landing on the driveway and bounced into the yard. The WiFi connection to my phone is a handy feature for when it is on the end of my Doca Pole also. I’m sure most cameras have this now a days, but there are some inexpensive cameras out there that still don’t. The only issue I have had is it can drain batteries fairly quickly on hot days, so I carry several extras with me at all times. They swap out in a couple of seconds, so… : Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Digital Camera w/ 10x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilization - Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled (Red) : Electronics


Good cameras.

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Like Dominic I bought my cameras off Ebay. My original Coolpix S4 was purchased new in 2005 for my son who soon jumped on the megapixel bandwagon and abandoned it. Although that unit died a couple of years ago I found a replacement on Ebay.

No matter how you deliver your report (email-pdf or download- html) the client’s display device (laptop or monitor) will never have the resolution to display high megapixel photos. Lower megapixels require less storage space and are easier to transfer.

My backup coolpix has a nifty feature where you can look through a viewfinder. This is useful when you are facing the sun in an outdoor picture. The normal LCD display on the camera is likely to be washed out. With the viewfinder (similar to SLR) you can easily frame your shot.

Both cameras have optical zoom though the most useful feature is macro (closeup). The S4 lens rotates to shoot up down or sideways. It also fits in a shirt pocket instead of hanging off my neck all the time.The LCD display on the P100 rotates as well to allow different angles.

iPhone 13 mini and my big fat hands work great

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Why are you holding a flashlight at all times? I use a headlamp in addition to a handheld flashlight when I need to be handsfree.
These are great headlamps! Fenix and authorized distributors have great support. I had a Fenix headlamp that went kaput after several months and an authorized distributor replaced it at no charge and fairly quickly. Hope this helps!

Edit: I also use an iPhone 13 (Pro). I don’t use a digital camera.

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For me personally… the head light causes so many shadows my pix were looking like crap…

That’s what “fill” flash is for. Good reason to use a camera. I often use flash even when there appears to be adequate natural lighting.