Looking to buy a new camera. Any suggestions that has a good zoom and compact…

I like the Nikon Coolpix L22…It fits easy into the pockets and takes good pictures.
You can find them on Ebay for about $30.

I have a Canon sx600hs

how good is the zoom

Read about it…

I’ll tell you what ALWAYS works best for me.

I go to BJ’s and get the best point and shoot Canon that they have at the time. OPTICAL ZOOM IS WHAT YOU WANT digital zoom is useless. I have tried Nikons best in attics and for some crazy a s s reason it would not focus on the roof to wall connection from any distance. Outside it was great. If you buy the latest and greatest you will not fall behind in tech by the time you need another. You get what you pay for in cameras and Canon IS THE BEST.

Buy a keychain neck lanyard and belt holster/case for your camera. Then connect the lanyard to the wrist lanyard and it will keep you from dropping it unless you make the mistake of taking it off your neck to stretch for a shot. This method has saved my camera many times and before I thought of it it cost me a camera or maybe 2. Just my 2 cents.

1 20x optical zoom / digital up to 306x (VGA)
2 no popup flash
3 wifi so I can control from a pole / selfie stick or to get pics in hard to see areas
4 video capable mp4
5 SD memory format
6 4x3 picture format

1 slow on / off – but tolerable
2 cost is a bit pricey but… on the same camera for 2+ years now
3 battery life is just ok… I get about 300-400 pictures on a charge (less if using wifi)

Hope this helps

I own a few 350’s but still like the wx220 better because it is lightning fast and actually smaller.