Digital cameras (again): the Cannon Powershot fell apart after 3 months

Didn’t like it anyway. Not at all. Lousy image stabilization, shots were blurry half the time.
There was a thread about three weeks ago and someone had a camera he really liked for something over $300. If I hadn’t just bought a camera I’d have saved the thread. Good image stabilization (IS) while zoomed way out. Good flash penetration. Man I wish I’d saved that!

Sony DSC-H2 or H5

They don’t make either one anymore. They are on to the H7 and H9 which take special batteries unlike the H2 and H5 (2 AA’s). Can even purchase lens adapters if you want.

You can find the H2 and H5 on amazon and ebay… (got mine on amazon)

I own the H2 and love it. I posted the pics of the 2nd story slate roof from the ground.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Here’s the thread with my pics:

Amazon link

I love Nikon

Had a Canon Powershot A460 and liked it. Great quality pics and good on batteries also. Just didn’t like how thick it was.

This is the one! Thanks, William.
Mine is was the Cannon Powershot A560. The problem was mainly no image stabilization. And the 3-month lifetime.

Kenton I bought an HP 927 about 9 months ago and I love it. It has a nice size screen so you can see what your pics look like. Sets from 2mp to 8 and even has a 30 min. video with voice. I paid close to $300.

Nikon coolpix, I have two now and an extended warranty. Cameras just do not like the abuse.

Kenton, I know you have been burned on the Canon but my Canon S2 has been great.

5 meg, 10x optical zoom and has IS.

It’s been good to me even after aI dropped it hard once. I use th neck strap now.

There is also an S3 and S5 at higher resolutions.

I also just bought my wife a A570 IS. More compact with 3x optical.

Good luck on your next camera.


Like Bill I also have the Sony, for family usage.
I started with a Mavica FD75 over 8 years ago which I still use for inspections.
Yeah still doing the reusable floppy disc thing but it works and works and works and clients have commented on the clarity of images.

Here are some shots with the FD75 of flowers I grow in the wife’s bathroom and of a surise from my patio

Sony Mavica! I used to use one of those until about 4 years ago.
Great for it’s day but it’s time to move on Barry.

PC World is killing off the floppy disk by announcing that it won’t stock any more of them once the existing stock has sold out. 01/30/2007

Here are a few inspection shots



I have about 500 disks but would gratefully accept an upgrade now that you offered xmas is just around the corner and I’m sure I’ve made your list :wink:

Oh yeah in your spirit of generosity please take care of our friend Kent first he is in greater need.:mrgreen:

Tell you what send you old camera to Kent and I’ll furnish him the disks
Do we have a deal?

Barry, I’m sorry to have to tell you that my Mavica is no more. It was a great camera an even though being dropped repeatedly it kept on ticking.

But alas it has gone to the great home in the sky along with the 5-1/4" floppies and 300 Baud modems and soon to be joined by the VCRs and the analog televisions of the world. Oh yeah and the bag type cell phones too.:wink:

Those are some pretty flowers your wife has you growing in her bathroom.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, she liked it when I’d bring her flowers so once we bought this place and had the space in “her” bathroom I thought why not almost every day.

This random act has paid off immeasurably. :wink:


Too bad :frowning:

Pentax makes some cameras that are waterproof which comes in handy in our business. I have three of them, use two all the time (always carry a spare) and a third in reserve for the eventual day one goes T.U. The particular model I have isn’t made anymore but they have several new versions. I bought my last one (new) off Ebay for about $100; they used to for over $300.

The image stabilization is great! It still has its limits and the camera will tell you to avoid shaking. With the proper technique (supporting the camera properly) you can get great images. The photos in that thread are not doctored but simply raw straight from the camera without additional lenses.

Those are great shots Barry!

I really like the Passion Flower and sunrise

Linus, you must mean the tan flowers growing out of the wall!:mrgreen: