Inspection Camera for Wind Mitigation Inspections

If you were purchasing a new camera to do the Wind Mitigation inspections would you stick with what you use now or go with something different ? I find that asking my present camera to do close up shots, of nails and spacing, and then focusing on some strap 12’ away with clarity, is not the easiest thing to achieve. I am using a Pentax Optio MX.

Hey Don, I have a Cannon Powershot. It is 5 years old. Works great. I can see a quarter on the roof of a home from the street. Cannon makes a great camera. It is a little on the big side as far as size is concerned. I just keep it strpped around my neck.

Cannons are great. get one with a high OPTICAL zoom. digital zoom is useless.

I use a Cannon Powershot A590 (it a couple of years old now) 8mp with 4x optical zoom. The digital zoom is OK but like all digital zooms in cameras under $250 they are nothing special. Great camera, works well. I have dropped it a couple of times and it still working.

I use the Sony Cyber-shot H-55& love it!
Got mine @ Best Buy, I suggest you get the warranty in case you drop it.

“The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55 is a new travel-zoom camera, boasting a 10x optical lens with a focal range of 25-250mm and Optical Steady Shot image stabilisation. Other highlights of the Sony H55 a 14.1 megapixel sensor, 3 inch LCD screen, 720p HD video recording, Self portrait timer and Smile Shutter technology, plus Sony’s trademark Sweep Panorama feature that lets you capture panoramic photographs effortlessly.”

I use( and have two) Canon A590. It can be set-up to create a new directory everyday. They also have a setting for smaller pics so they do not have to be resized. It has 4x zoom. I would like a 5x, but you start to loose the flash at that distance. I have taken 10s of thousands of pictures with this model and am not ready to trade it. I carry it in a pouch on my belt all the time. I never put it down. I use energizer rechargeable batteries and get several days usage before recharging. I have a car charger for the batteries and spare set in the truck at all times.

Canon just came out with a new digital with a larger sensor. The larger sensor will allow it to work with less light. It is 8 or 10 mp and has a better zoom. I should work much better but I have not tried it yet. It should rival a SLR but is smaller. If I was buying that would be the one, unless I was cheap, then I would buy another A590


Remember if you have a good optical zoom and especially image stabilization you can turn off the flash and hit the area with your flashlight and get the shot that way. Like John says much over five feet and around all the other crap the flash will never go as far as the high power zoom lenses will go. Mine are Power shot S80’s I like them. I keep it on my side in a clip on case. I also have a waterproof housing for when it is raining. They are only 3.6 optical zoom and it would be awesome to have 3 times that. But I would definitely need image stabilization and a good light to be useful in an attic.

My Sony HXV5 has twilight shooting for low light and image stabilization.
Pocket size camera with HD better than many camcorders at 1898x1898.
Find another camera that beats that.
I love the thing and it takes a beating the last 8 months or so with me setting video up for my roof shots on a 28 foot window washer pole.

The shots I got today are better than if you were up on the roof.

I took back my H55 when Bob told me about that one!

Just amazing!

I use the Cannon Digital Elph Models because they have the AF-assist beam, it’s a light that is aimed at your subject in low light situation to help the camera focus. The beam helps you to hit your subject as you lean out in tight attics (like a strap situation). I just picked up a SD940IS for under $ 180.00 they are clearing them out and has Image stablization. I have used a SD1000 for three or four years and is still going strong, they are very compact and durable.

Thanks to everyone for their input, looking at the specifications for the cameras mentioned and the comments gives me a good perspective in choosing a new camera.

My last 4 or 5 cameras have been Sony, My current sony is a dsc h20 is pretty decent. Highest optical zoom I have used for inspections, auto macro and other great features.
Its a little big because of the zoom lens but seems to have been worth it.
I will shoot straps on a higher res so I can zoom and crop at the computer.

The key for me is the picture quality of sony, they have always seemed to be better than others in the price class.

You might also want to look at the Panasonic DMC-ZS1. It has a 12X optical zoom but when used at lower resolution (I set it at 3 mp) it uses the excess resolution to extend the zoom without losing picture quality. I can zoom in on the nails in the straps from the middle of the attic and the flash does pretty good there and the stabilization helps a lot when using a long zoom.

It is also a wide angle camera with a 25mm equivalent lens. I get much better shots of the rooms with it than with the Cannon A1100 I used before. I have taken over 6000 photos with it so far and it has done a very good job.

The only drawback on this camera is that it does not put the date on the photo.