Direct Burial URD cable run in 4" corrugated abs

Hi guys
So it looks like someone had a custom idea for this underground URD cable… That or I am about to learn something new.
Underground URD cable run in ABS corrugated 4". Not sure if this is supposed to be a slip joint for heaving / settling or what. Anyone seen this before or have thoughts or insults to share?

Are you sure it’s ABS and not HDPE drain pipe? If it’s a direct burial cable then there shouldn’t be any need for a sleeve provided it’s installed correctly. Strange setup for sure.

There are utility companies that use corrugated conduit to pull their wires. I would call and ask the local power company if they do that in your area. BTW, where was the meter? on the house?

Side of the house why?

The power company is normally responsible for wiring up to the meter (that’s why :slight_smile: ). So you are inspecting their side of things.

Good Point, The only concern I can imagine is a kid with a metal hot dog roasting fork, sticking it down there. I would like to see some type of cover or infill here. I am on the fence on weather to write it up or not.

And rodents could get in the conduit and chew on the wires.

If you are concerned, you could recommend sealing the opening. Normally, the SE requires protection from damage up to 8-10ft from the grade, but not in all places. Hard to child proof everything. What if he takes dad’s chainsaw to it :slight_smile: There is only so much that can be done.

Is it really SE cable? SE cable is not permitted underground, could be URD?

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I had to look it up Robert so I knew what you meant.
URD= * Description: Underground Secondary Distribution Cables are twisted assemblies of aluminum alloy 1350 conductors insulated with cross-linked polyethylene.

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Thanks Robert! Terminology is important.
Ya learned me something new “URD”

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Looks like in the second photo you can see a hint of the yellow tracer on the black conductor, an indicator that it may indeed be URD.