Direct vent clearances

Does anyone know the codes for clearance distance between a water heater gas direct vent outlet and the air conditioner unit ? Thank You




You would need to check the manufacturer’s documentation, but I do not expect that clearance to be an issue. Snow, if you get it, might be.

Thank you

Gee Sam, Don’t take my word as the last one here but when I look at the pics I see a vent that almost looks like it gets a bit warm, As the fan for the condensing unit kicks on its job is to obviously cool or remove the heat from the condensing coil. If the surrounding air is hot from other exhaust would it have an effect on how long it takes to dissipate the heat? My guess is, it may effect the efficiency of the unit a little but I’d bet it’s minimal. The A/c system is closed, so it’s not sucking anything in. Are the gas exhaust fumes being sucked into and through the fins? what effect would that have? if any. Great question.