Vent clearances around exterior AC condenser

Water heater power vent vented directly behind AC condenser. Any concerns with this install? The dryer vent and furnace intake & exhaust were also in close proximity (<5’). The dryer vent, however, was approx. 4’ from grade. If not ok, why and does anyone have any info on general guidelines for vent clearances on exterior AC condenser?

BTW, I know the pictures aren’t the greatest. Additionally, there was a 11/2" u-shaped vent/intake, as seen in the last pic, that for the life of me, I could not figure out what it was for. Any insight would by greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Can’t think of an issue with the water heater vent / A/C condenser proximity, you would have to check manufacturer’s installation standards. Dryer vent location looks OK to me, but again, you would have to refer to the water heater manufacturer specs.

The gas regulator / blow off valve is too close to the A/C condenser by our local standards (i.e., required 3 ft clear zone). The candy cane shaped vent looks like combustion air intake from a high efficiency appliance. What is inside there? Can you see where the vent comes into the house?

it looks like each of those will be well buried in the snow for a few months each winter josh…kind of makes me wonder what they were thinking…

The exhaust may hinder the condenser if it is to close . If it is a heat pump the moisture from the exhaust could be a problem also.