Dryer vent clearance from heater intake and exhaust vents?

What are the applicable regulations for clearances from a dryer exhaust vent and a high efficiency heater intake and exhaust vent? If I can figure out how to add the picture I will. Not sure that will work? But greatly appreciate your thoughts.

Did you look up installation instructions for HE appliance?

Yes I did and I sent an email to the manufacturer. I didn’t find anything in their installation instructions specifically addressing a dryer duct or similar. I also haven’t gotten an answer back from the manufacturer.



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I did look at that prior to posting, I can’t find anything to substantiate that huge claim of 10 feet. Thank you for taking the time to respond I appreciate it.

It said 3’ down a little bit more

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David. Personally, I find it helpful to post the type of energy used, the type of HVAC system, or appliance, the model and serial numbers, but again, personally, that’s just me.

It appears to be a mid or high efficiency condescending furnace, but maybe not, by the scheduled 40/80 protruding for the wall assembly. A manufacturer and model number would go along way in installation requirements. But again, personally speaking/thinking of coarse, that’s just me/myself/I thinking. :wink:

As for Gas Appliance Direct Vent Side Wall Clearances. … A table is required.
Exhaust Vent Termination Clearance Requirements
In a table below we provide a complete list of required clearance distances between the air intake or combustion gas exhaust vents for direct vented heating appliances.
Gas Heater, that is why I asked about energy used, Vent Clearance Distances, 36" inches above forced-air intakes. 12" inches away from gravity fed air intakes. Vent shall terminal at least 12-inches below, 12-inches horizontally from, or 12-inches above, any door, window, or gravity air inlet into a building. The bottom of the vent terminal shall be located at least 12-inches above grade.

Lots more of course.
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I would write it up as being too close. Pretty clear dryer exhaust is going to be drawn into combustion air if both units are operating at the same time.

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