Inspection of the foundation walls has this dirt or dust near the sill plate, similar in size to sawdust. Is this from insects, termites or just dirt that collects and gets caught in cobwebs?

looks like critter frass to me Mike…carpenter ants…termites either way it deserves further investigation…

Thanks James, but what exactly is critter frass? Bug crap or wood dust. Wouldn’t I see some evidence in the wood that something is destroying it?

Bug crap…general rule look for body parts mixed in…better chance for carpenter ants…imho…carpenter ants tend to dig a tunnel to a place they make a nest… they do not eat the wood…hence more sawdust…termites eat the wood for food…less sawdust…here in ohio you need a special liscense to inspect for either so when i see what you have there my correct call is …call the bug guy…any help?..jim

Thanks, it helps.