Disconnect at the meter-dwelling panel a sub

Looking for a direction on this one. The main disconnect is located outside below the electric meter. The main panel is located inside and also has a main breaker. The exterior disconnect has an enclosure ground. The inside panel doesn’t. The inside panel has a 4 wire feed, (which I rarely see here) coming from the exterior disconnect. In my mind the interior panel is a sub panel and the grounds and neutrals should be separated.

Am I correct on this or should the interior panel have its own ground rod and have the grounds and neutrals bonded?

Thanks in advance

The GEC’s from the grounding electrodes must go to the service disconnect on the outside or to some other point upstream of the service disconnect. You are correct that the interior panel is now a sub-panel and the neutrals and EGC buses must be separate and the neutral bus must not be bonded to the enclosure. There is some ugly DIY looking electrical work in that panel.


I think what Rob means is refer it out to a qualified electrician for correction. :smile:


You may remember a previous post I had where there was an “auxiliary” ground coming from the main disconnect but it was not the main ground. I see them more and more often it seems. From his photo, how could we confirm?

Here is a sample photo.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I have already referred it to an electrician. I am just trying to learn more about it. The GEC comes off the ground rod (partially visible) and goes to the exterior disconnect. I was wondering if the 4th wire, coming from the exterior disconnect to the interior panel shiny aluminum on the right side) was serving in place of the ground rod for the interior panel.

That 4th conductor that you’ve mentioned is the EGC (equipment grounding conductor) in the panel feeder. Since this panel is in/on the same structure as the service disconnect there is no need to connect a grounding electrode to the sub-panel. The GEC going to the service disconnect is correct.


Just to clarify, the conductor going through the IBT (intersystem bonding termination device) in the photo is the GEC which is likely going to an electrode?

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Thanks again Robert, I thought the 4th conductor was the EGC for the sub-panel in the home. But the grounds and neutrals still have to be separated in the sub-panel? I am aware I don’t have to understand this, but the more I understand something the easier it gets to inspect correctly.

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No problem feel free to ask questions even if it is outside of the scope of a home inspection. And yes the neutrals and EGC’s must be separate in a sub-panel.


I have a similar situation/question. Started a new thread. Meter stand to exterior panel
Thank you for all your electrical help!