Dishwasher disconnect

The dishwasher has to be hard wired in - correct? This dishwasher had a regular counter top switch in the kitchen that disconnected the dishwasher in the rinse cycle…electrician required?

Some dishwashers are plug-in (and for new installations, require a GFCI outlet, based on NEC 2014), some are hard-wired.
Depends on the manufacturer’s instructions for each particular model;.
To confirm or to deny compliance of the installation, you have to find and check those.

Mine is like that. Switch on counter turns off dishwasher. I wonder if at one time there was a garbage disposal that was removed and dishwasher was wired into that connection.


No, not all dishwashers have to be hardwired. There are portables dishwasher that roll around and are just plugged in an outlet. A dishwasher should be on a dedicated circuit and to use an approved cord or hardwire depends on manufactures recommendations.

This switch you mention sounds like the switch is for garbage disposal.

I agree with Gary.

I agree with Michael.

I agree with Jeff.

I agree with Jeff :wink:

Dishwashers require a disconnect means now. Most new installs are not hard wired anymore, just a plug-in pigtail under the sink, along with a plug-in for the disposal (each on dedicated circuits).

If cord connected the plug is the disconnect. If hardwired it needs a switch or breaker lock. This has not changed in quite a few years.

I’ve never seen a hardwired dishwasher…

A lot of the older mobile homes use to be hardwired from the manufacture.

We have hardwired dishwasher for decades with break lockouts. Although the NEC permits a cord and plug connection it must meet the standard below which can be pretty hard to find from the dishwasher manufacturer.

Given how often the DW needs service I wonder why the disconnect is even required. Turning the breaker off doesn’t affect anything else so it is not like someone would forget and turn it on while being worked on. I just don’t see people cruising past the panel and saying look that breaker is off I should turn it on.

Less we also forget that in a hard wired dishwasher the unit switch OFF setting can meet the disconnection requirement if compliant with your choices of dwelling type covered in 422.34(a) thru (d).

I see hardwired all the time here.

I don’t think I have ever seen a DW with a marked off position.