Switchable dishwasher

Anything wrong with the dishwasher being on a switch next to the kitchen sink?


Some folks us that as the form of disconnect, although I don’t care for that practice myself.

Just got done reading this. Go here.

I’m not sure of I was clear.
I was replying “no” to the question of if it was a problem.

You were clear, but the link I provided tells some reasons for the practice.

Child safety is a good one.

The 2008 NEC reference for the disconnecting means can be found here:

422.34 Unit Switch(es) as Disconnecting Means.

Would you mind posting the section? I don’t own a code reference and would be interested in reading what it says.

Look here:

View the 2008 edition of this document.

View the 2005 edition of this document.

View the 2002 edition of this document.

Joe …
What are these links for?

Could you just post the NEC code reference.?

Try www.necplus.org

All of your links are totaly useless, as they require a subscribtion.

Is there some reason not to simply post the code reference right here , rather than make us click on links which do not help.

Zing was cool though.:slight_smile:

Ask someone else I have lost all of my files!

If you go through the new user registration process, you can view the entire code and/or search for a particular section at no cost. I’m not sure how often or how many times you can do it, however.

I will try after I get back .

2008 NEC reference is 422.34 as Joe stated.

422.34 Unit Switch(es) as Disconnecting Means.
A unit switch(es) with a marked-off position that is a part of an appliance and disconnects all ungrounded conductors shall be permitted as the disconnecting means required by this article where other means for disconnection are provided in occupancies specified in 422.34(A) through (D).

(A) Multifamily dwellings
(B) Two-Family dwellings
© One-Family dwellings
(D) Other Occupancies

The problem is how you are going to interpret this. The code reference states the switch as being part of the appliance. The proposed intent of the article was probably for a wall switch/disconnect but it needs to be reworded to be clear. Another acceptable means of disconnect is a cord and plug attachment. Bob, you’ve probably run into both of these set-ups.


422.34 applies only to unit mounted switches that are part of the appliance.

For a wall switch or circuit breaker 422.31(B) would apply.

422.35 rules out “Decorator” switches that have no discernible “off” position.

Yes and yes if it is vauge though not to our neighborhood Sparkies (speedy) I would ask what reasoning is behind the code as far as safety goes.

Interupting a dishwasher in mid cycle will cause water to stand in the tub.
Not a problem in itself , but there are many bad gaskets , while on the other hand drain pans are recommended but never installed.

Personally ounce again , I have no problem with them and do see them on switch’s in high rises all the time.