Dishwasher not connected to disposer.

(Hyde R. Anderson) #1

Inspected a new build today and they connected the dishwasher drain to a dishwasher tailpiece instead of the disposer. I know this is a correct installation but I’m annoyed that they didn’t just connect it to the disposer. Am I out of line here? What are your thoughts? Would anyone call it out?

Thanks guys.

(Stephen W. Stanczyk, WA License #221) #2

Some jurisdictions do not allow connection to the garbage disposal. You would have to check the home’s jurisdiction for more information.

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #3

Looks ok to me. In Minnesota I would not bring attention to it.

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #4

Should never ever be connected to a disposal except where people like bacteria and stoppage . Were is the required air gap?

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #5

Thought all you need in Illinois is a high loop. Didn’t they remove the requirement for an air gap?

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #6

Thought all you need in Illinois is a high loop. Didn’t they remove the requirement for an air gap?

The air gap is against the back wall of the cabinet.

Ooops, I just noticed there is no vent to exterior (roof), not allowed in Minnesota.

(Chuck Evans, CMI TREC 7657) #7

The high loop isn’t adequate and the AAV is too low, so you can still complain about other things. Don’t forget to check fo handle ties on the breakers serving the shared receptacle yoke along with AFCI and GFCI.

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #8

No AAV’s in Minnesota inspected plumbing but Menards and Home Depots sells them. Never installed an AAV in 35 years I wouldn’t know the proper placement but I’m sure the instructions are on the package.

I guess that’s 1 duplex receptacle with 2 separate circuits. Legal as far as I know.

(Hyde R. Anderson) #9

From InterNachi’s residential plumbing course. Gotta protect against that backflow!

(Hyde R. Anderson) #10

Always appreciate the advise. Electrical was a little sloppy but fine (black marker to denote a hot neutral). Oh, except that every bathroom had reversed hot neutral connections… Probably just one miss wired box along the way, glad I don’t have to track down that mess.

And my customers didn’t think they needed to have their new build inspected…

(Chuck Evans, CMI TREC 7657) #11

I’m surprised to hear this because I have yet to see a pair AFCI/GFCI combo breakers with a common trip tie and under NEC 2014 both sockets on that receptacle are required to be both AFCI and GFCI protected and since they share a common yoke, the breaker handles must be tied together, even if they are not a multi-wire circuit (both breakers must be off for it to be safe to work on either circuit on that receptacle).

(Hyde R. Anderson) #12

AFCI in the panel, GFCI at each location via GFCI outlets. Thankfully Columbus Ohio has yet to fully adopt the 2014 NEC. Not excited to deal with that mess yet.

(Jeffrey Carlson) #13

I’ve seen this multiple times in my neck of the woods…

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #14

No Studor stuff in these parts we use real state licensed Plumbers ] and what is with that cooper head snake at bottom of the cabinet .That should be copper water supply only not copperhead snake ]

(Joshua L. Frederick) #15

How so?