Dishwasher outlet directly under unit


As always, thanks for the replies.

That cord sure does not look right and it appears to enter into the DW junction box from the rear.(bet there was not even a bushing)
Just out of curiosity, why did you remove the base plate?
Bad location though** and I would recommend GFCI even if the gurus say it is not needed in code.
Sure it is hard to reset but so is a spa tub GFCI in that you often need to remove the panel.

Another odd mention is the drain hose ,as it seems to maybe going down below the floor rather than to a sink T connection.

I always do, so I can see stuff like this.

Yeah good call as I would wonder myself if I did not see the shutoff under the basin.(I see they switched to flex)

Did drain hose go down also?

Yup, directly tapped into sewer line and leaking

looks like someone is using extension cord cable for permanent wiring

They need to totally redo the DW connections.

Shame on you for going outside SOP you fool.:slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of removing the base plate espeicially on older units. Behind those two screws is the heart of the dishwasher.