Dissimilar metal question

Is there any cde* that prohibits this? I can’t find anything. New construction (commercial). Copper water supply, metal (galvanized?) wall studs.

Found it.

IPC 308.3.

“Hangers, anchors and supports shall support the piping and the contents of the piping. Hangers and strapping material shall be of approved material that will not promote galvanic action.”

Good to know.

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snooze ya lose :mrgreen:

I hope you didn’t spend an hour finding this Code. :smiley:

Any pipe or wire installed passing through metal studs should be protected and/or supported by these inserts;


You mean I can’t use duct tape anymore! LOL

Depends on which Brand and how many layers Kevin. :mrgreen:

Ok! let’s do the math. You have a hot and cold copper water line. The cold line will be used more than the hot line. If we figure on 6 layers of duct tape/month of wear and the house lasts 50 yrs even though the steel studs will probably rust out first we still want to make sure it is safe for the next person buying the home.
6X12X50=3600 layers x 2 pipes times the amount of stud protection needed. I think it will be cheaper to buy the plastic protectors. :frowning:

For those interested in Metal Stud Commercial Methods for Steel Stud Framing.


Thanks Marcel. Great help.

Those are great. But you wouldn’t need them for *metallic *cables.

That might be the case code wise Robert, but any commercial work I have been on, required the use of the inserts even with AC wiring.
It actually makes the installation easier for pulling the cable through the thin metal.


Using the inserts also protects the AC from physical damage pulling through the metal edges of the studs. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about the possibility of electrical shock pathway of travel through to the steel stud just like the rule of the metal siding having an electrical shock pathway from lightning.:frowning: