Pipe hangers

I was shocked to find in the basement of my 1950s home (last rennovated in 1991) that large sections of copper plumbing had not been supported with pipe hangers. Sections of up to 12 feet have been left without support.

I am now in the process of installing pipe hangers at intervals of no more than 6 feet. I have two questions.

First, will this make any difference? I assume this plumbing has been there since 1991 and if the joints were to break, then surely they would have done so by now.

Secondly, I am using copper pipe hangers for copper pipe. Is this correct or are plastic better (in terms of being semi-flexible and not damaging the pipe)?

OK, I’ll leave 'em swinging around in the breeze at 12 feet then. Might hang my washing off them to dry…

I am reluctant to respond to this type of inquiry when the poster becomes “testy” after only a couple hours of waiting. It’s only 8:40 in my neck of the woods and your original post was made while I was still fast asleep.

In any event, the piping should be protected against damage and movement - however that might appear. If you have a 4" copper line, supports at 12’ o.c. might be just fine, although I doubt this is the case.

Secured at 6’ intervals is sufficient for most normal supply lines, however, if you don’t have “hammer-arrestors” on the system, you might want to consider 4’ intervals.

The hangers should have plastic in contact with the pipe (the actual hanger can be copper or steel with a plastic “grommet”). This way, they are less likely to cause any damage to the pipes.

I started to reply but was interuped by a phone call. :shock:

I usually put the hangers every three feet myself

Sure sounds to me like the right thing to do.
Matter of preference on the type of hangers as long as they’re not made of dissimilar metal that causes corrosion.

I’ve seen a lot of water damage caused by water lines not being properly supported.
Once when the customer had a pet lion in the basement and he tore down the water pipes AND the ducts.
That was probably one of my most scary repair calls when I had to slide by his cage and he keep trying to reach through and get me on the way by.

Personally, I like the two hole copper straps myself because the plastic hangers break so easily.

Thank you and apologies for being testy! I’ll make a mental note not to keep the lion in the basement.