copper pipes supported with steel straps

Three year old house with copper dist. lines.
Pipes have those small round wires supporting.
Corrosion is heavy at each contact point but it looks like they soldered most of the hangers to the pipe.

I have seen 25 year old houses with about the same amount of corrosion.

Is it normally allowed to use disimilar metal straps?
How long before these leak usually?

No copper pipes need copper or plastic hangers.

They will probably leak durring the Home owners next long vacation.:smiley:

I was thinking that all copper pipes would benefit. :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Bruce, the length of time it will take to produce a problem is dependent on local environmental issues like air quality and moisture as other have said it will fail, as to when…when ever is most inconvienient of course :wink:

Murphy will strike again