Distance form the attic access

What is the distance that - furnace flue pipes, HAVC, wiring etc. etc. should be located from the attic access?


20 ft (03 irc m1305.1.3)

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Maybe I read the question wrong Michael. :frowning:

The mechanical equipment should have a deck provided from the access not longer then 20 ft.

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The 22x30 min access should have at least a 22" wide & 30" high clear, unobstructed <20’ passage to the equipment.

20 ft (03 irc m1305.1.3) :smiley:

Now if we only knew what it is that Buck wants to know???

Well, he did say that HVAC equipment was in the attic. If not, then the 2006 IRC says this, pertaining to attic access only:

Also, there is a specified distance for wiring from the access unless it is otherwise protected. I can’t find the exact reference but I think it’s 24" isn’t it?

Needs to be protected within 6’ :smiley:


6’ it is then…thanks!

Thanks! I am talking the distance of HVAC ductwork, plumbing vents.

The way I see it is that as long as there is a minimum 22" wide x 30" high unobstructed “virtual tunnel” from the scuttle access to the equipment <20’ away then it meets the requirement. Those dimensions could be larger if the existing equipment so dictated. So, three sides of, or directions away from, the scuttle access hole could have obstructions right up to, but not infringing into, that virtual tunnel. I fully admit my view is debatable though.

OK guys, the referenced e2702.2.1

  • within 7 feet of … in attics provided with access, protect by guard strips.
  • where such spaces are not provided with access by permanenet stairs or ladders, protection within 6 feet of the nearest edge of attic entrance.

I learn something everyday — hehehe

Note that this only applies to wires “across structural members”.

e3702.2.2 Where cables are installed parallel to the sides of rafters, studs or floor joists, guard strips and running boards shall not be required.