Equipment Disconnect Location

Ok…what do the officials out there say about the equipment disconnect being “behind” the equipment out of reach of the technician? Would be at least a 4ft reach for the service tech. Garage attic access is bottom left corner of first photo out of view and is just a hole. No solid floor on this side. Attic stairs are in the hallway (top right of 1st pic in the background) with a solid floor all the way to the unit. 2nd picture is from other side of unit accessed from the master closet.

Any particular code section to quote since this is a 2014 home?

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Sorry did not see it until now. It seems that different technical experts monitor each thread and I wanted multiple opinions.

That may **seem **to be the case, (and to a very small degree accurate), but trust me, most **Members **just click the **New Posts **button above. We are here to assist, and couldn’t care less which system in a home we address. Someone in need, needs help now, not when someone is willing to bless whatever section with their presence! If you want to address a specific “expert”, PM or email them directly.

P.S. We don’t like clutter here.

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