Distribution air duct beneath a slab foundation

Something wrong with this pic tell me why I should not like this duct set up beneath the slab. Yes I know the pic was not very good

I heard a picture is worth a thousand words…

Because You are old and fussy ?:shock:

I’m not fussy and old just cranky and old

Is that dust buildup or rough concrete?

Marcel where did you find that pic we never embedded the duct in the concrete it was always buried in sand with the concrete pored over the sand. Make your claim to fame what is wrong in the pic speak up my hearing is going south:p:D This one shocked me I have never seen this before and I can say I don’t care for it tell me what you see or am I going to have to get your buddy KW on this:mrgreen:

Yes I have seen this CB. Not the smartest thing on planet earth to run supplies in concrete. Is that just a concrete boot?

Now your on to something its dust;-)

No its a metal boot so your saying 2 million homes in Okla were not built smart in your opinion by putting the supply air beneath the slab:shock::roll:

OK, I see a half collapsed duct.

Nope :wink:

The duct at bottom of boot is no more and an opening was made above to try to improve air flow…

Don’t have one I was in a hurry;-) Think dust and supply air duct they don’t go together

regardless of where it is that is a very dirty duct…I had a house last week with two rusted out below slab ducts with water in them and one full of fresh wet concrete…

Yes Charley I would never want a house with the vents done this way and have found high readings from this set up, but then again I am talking cold wet conditions and not dry vent conditions.

Ok big boy how do you get a supply air duct that dirty with a A-coil in the way :wink:

Not asking you to live in it just tell me whats wrong:shock:

Nope think dust

oh come on and tell us …i’m old I don’t want to die waiting to find out…

Its a return air duct.