ductworth in slab

1985 home had ductworth built in slab foundation has anybody ever seen this . the duct goes down about 2 feet deep into slab. what if there is a duct problem ? this is a package unit too.

Duct would be losing some heat to the ground and corroding due to condensation and contact with earth and concrete.

What exactly is ductworth?

That particular duct… not much. Not for long.

I don’t know what part of the world you reside in I have had clients move to my State that have never seen duct in a slab but they are very common about 90% of all new homes here have duct in the slab. Not very common for a package unit but it is done. I have observed ducts in the slab here for over forty years and they are still functional

Rafael, I have seen PVC Pipe used for ducts under the slab, no problems here, plus we have no ground water at that depth, which is a plus----:smiley:

I have seen them filled with water causing mold issues.

May depend on the area ,but everything leaks eventually and I hate the idea.

I have seen them also and agree with robert they usuall have mold and moisture issues.

You have been hanging around long enough to call me Bob

Seen them in PVC too. They make great tunnels for bugs to crawl in and die in. :smiley:

I think he meant Duckworth :mrgreen:

I agree with Robert and his comment that they can fill with water causing mold issues. I live in Tracy,Ca and Duct in slab is not common , only in raised foundations its common. If this is the case then the slab must be 2 feet deep and i know thats not common right ? This is a fist for me and i just dont agree with the whole design in slab to many things can go wrong .
Thanks for all your help guys