Do we need a W.E.T.T certification to pass the wood burning stove.

The reason I am asking is because I had taken the inspector course and this was one of the topics. I also would like to see the forms for the inspector to fill out when they do this. I have asked round and I am not reciving a clear answer. I know that there are people who have taken the course and I know that you would recive a little more info. NACH also has information on the suject of wood burning stoves. THE BIG QUESTION IS DO WE NEED A WETT CERTIFICATE in Ontario.

Don :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Don
Yes you do.

I have a wood burning stove at the cottage, and the insurance carrier did not require a wett inspection to underwrite the policy. They did require a form to be filled out and faxed to them. The form basically describes the stove (rating plate), chimney and distance from combustibles. No Wett inspection was required.

If the insurance company asks for it, you need it. Other than that, you might be ale to use a WETT inspection report to light a fire with.