WETT inspections?

In Colorado a lot of wood gets burned, mostly in wood stoves, but I’ve never been asked to perform or even heard of a WETT inspection until today. Do some states require them? What are you typically inspecting when you do a WETT inspection?

This should give you some idea… Cookie


I do many W.E.T.T.s It’s a Canadian thing. You have to be certified by WETT inc (Roy gave you the link) to do them. Roughly replaces the Level I & II inspections that you have in the states for fireplace and wood stoves. Were the people who were asking from Canada?

WETT Inc., a private association, along with its programs and certifications, is recognized by insurance companies, fire marshalls, fire departments nationally althought it is not a certified trade anywhere.

Here’s a sample of what the public gets when they search your name or for a WETT certified person in their area:

**Brian MacNeish **

Master System Advisor
**Tel: **(902) 225-0877

Atlantic Home Inspections
146 Boutilier’s Point Rd
Boutilier’s Point NS B3Z 1V1
Referral cities:
Bedford, Dartmouth, Halifax, Sackville, South Shore
Master System Advisor

I was a national board member for 4-5 years and head of the education committee for a while. In 1993, outside the regular course work, locally started teaching a 2.5-3 hour mini-course on air quality, backdrafting/smoke spillage, and managing house pressures that now has been turned into 2 one day courses for national training.

We now have some chimney sweeps and wood heating technicians who know more about the House-as-a-System, wind/stack/mechanical air pressure effects, neutral pressure plane, air/vapour barriers than do many/most practicing architects.

Aaaaah, got it, thank you.