Do you carry a moisture on every inspection?

I’m running into information that implies that use of moisture meters is rare. I carry one on every inspection and use it on most. Do you?

Please participate in the poll! I need numbers on this issue for a writing project.

I’m writing Lady Gaga to ask her to marry me, but she won’t even go out with me for less than 50 responses. :mrgreen:

It is in my tool bag every time.
I check all finished basements, around the windows and spot check base boards.
I also check all moisture stains.

Floors around tubs and toilets? Shower walls?

It’s always with me.

How often I use it depends oh the home.

A 1 story ranch with a crawl, all plumbing under the home, on a warm day when it hasn’t rained in months, there may not be anything to use it on.

A 2 story home with multiple bathrooms upstairs, well, now I’ve got something to check out.

Not typically
I check for loose toilets and damaged shower walls, or loose tiles
I step along the edge of the tub and around the bath to feel if the floor is soft. and then visual of the underside if available in the basement of crawl.

yes. yes

I check around all toilets, floors around tubs and showers and all tile tub / shower surrounds. (except on slabs) It is used on every manufactured home with hardboard siding, and at the skirting / siding transitions. Also used in manufactured homes in laundry area and kitchen in front of dishwasher and sink. It is used on every home with hardboard siding in the places common for moisture damage.

At least two different types. I use them about 1/2 the time.

I have 4

4 of them, yes.

It’s rare that I don’t whip it out.

It’s always in the tool bag for when needed

We are required to check water stains with one if we suspect wetness.


I have one in my IR camera case its where ever I am. Used it today

Well! That was a complete no brainer…Yes!
So! CB found moisture around a forest of mold… Wow!
And he used his $20k imager to find it…
Good work CB! :smiley:
What an incredible find…Yep!

But do you use a moisture meter lol?


Well its like this I do that so some Dumb A88 like the ones in N Fla can not say its an old stain. You do know that mold can go dormant or is that over your head also.